Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bill loves Kay.....50 years!!

I had the extreme pleasure of shooting this anniversay/renewal.
50 years!!!! Wow!  I must say i was nervous as all get out (yes, i just said "all get out") taking these pictures. I wanted to make sure I captured the emotion and feel of the party. I hope the family likes the pictures.

It was an honor to take them. And and honor to be at the celebration of 2 people that have stuck with each other for 50 years. In a world where so many don't make it, for whatever reason, to see these 2 love each other and be affectionate and flirty after so many years made me happy.

I love this picture...the hands...its all in the hands. They tell quite a story don't they? 

Congratulations Bill and Kay!!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our little Valentine

Last year our family fell in love. We fell in love with a little boy. He is the son of one of my hubby's co workers. I watched him for several months and he stole my heart. My daughters are pretty much gaga over him too.
We haven't seen him in MONTHS. We got the chance to have him over this weekend. I JUMPED at the chance to take his pics. I am gonna gift these shots to his Dad but i have a feeling a few of these may end up on the walls of our house as well.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

look what i found

i was running errands this morning and took a "road less traveled". I AM FREAKING OUT AT HOW AMAZING THIS AREA IS!!!  I have lived here for almost four years and have never seen these things. hope you enjoy looking at these1/2 as much as i enjoyed shooting and editing these. I can't wait to get some people shots here!