Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bill loves Kay.....50 years!!

I had the extreme pleasure of shooting this anniversay/renewal.
50 years!!!! Wow!  I must say i was nervous as all get out (yes, i just said "all get out") taking these pictures. I wanted to make sure I captured the emotion and feel of the party. I hope the family likes the pictures.

It was an honor to take them. And and honor to be at the celebration of 2 people that have stuck with each other for 50 years. In a world where so many don't make it, for whatever reason, to see these 2 love each other and be affectionate and flirty after so many years made me happy.

I love this picture...the hands...its all in the hands. They tell quite a story don't they? 

Congratulations Bill and Kay!!!!!


Christina said...

That is so sweet!!! :)

considerthelillies said...

lovely pictures! that'll be me and ray in 18 years!

Anonymous said...

how endearing!
my parents last anniversary celebrated together was their 50th...my father passed away last year...

it really is a precious thing when couples make it that far in their marriage....

what god has yolked together, let no man put apart!

thanks for sharing

Christy Beb said...

you know i love the hands shot...so perfect.