Friday, March 18, 2011

4, 5 and 6

Ya...i skipped a few days. Not on purpose or anything. I just....forgot.  I did rework some photos and probably could use them on this but i already shared them on facebook. My internal rule says that would be cheating. :)
So three photos coming up.

first...subtle but effective.
i put this one on in  a before and after frame. i did 4 things to the original photo. anyone, anyone?


quick snap shot of my pirate husband...

made into something more mood effective. (LOL)

and now we have......
one of my favorite store fronts in clay center. I have driven by a million times 
but a few ago i had my camera and took a quick shot.  terrible shot really. but lets see what we can do.

I actually kinda love it now! 

OK...3 days in one morning.  HAVE A LOVELY DAY. Hopefully my next few posts will be of brand spanky new photos. :)

1 comment:

Jaydinn said...

Okay i bet, #1- Boost-Clone on Sarah's shirt-advanced exposure and vibrance.

#2- Cross process-texture-crop-sharpen.

#3- Crop-frame or texture-cinemaScope------.

If you did not edit these on picnik or if you were not challenging us to guess then i'm out of luck.