Sunday, March 13, 2011

One a day...that's the goal.

Here i am again. I havent posted anything in weeks. I have been in a creative slump. I need to break out of it asap!! my solution to the this problem. ONE A DAY!  a new post for the next 10 days in a row. new or old pic? either will do as long i do something new to it.

 Here we go...... my first one is this........  it makes me happy. HAVE A GOOD DAY!


Logan said...


tom said...

Very nice use of textures. One minor suggestion: remove the crack from the face of the balloon. Textures are so much fun and can make any photo look better. Well, almost any photo.
Okay, some photos. In this case, they were a perfect match. Well done!

Lindsay Conner said...

One a day--I really like this one!