Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Yesterday .... Wednesday.....January 27, 2010.... long day....GOOD DAY.
It was all about this girl. That sweet little face over there belongs to my youngest baby. She was injured during her delivery. It was a brachial plexus inury (BPI for short). Her particual bpi is called ERB's Palsey. Here is a link for more info on BPI's and how they effect children and families all over....

We have the blessing of having a really wonderful group of people that run a clinic out of Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. A few times a month they focus on seeing patients with BPI's. We live 3 hours away and it is worth every second of the drive. Dr. Rinaldi , Vicki and every one else at this hosptial that we have come in contact with have been wonderful. The hopital itself is so cute and well done. Such a perfect atmosphere has been cultivated there for kids to be taken care of.

My girl has done so well with this injury over the years. She had surgery in TX when she was a year old and we took her to physical and occupational therapy 2 times week until she was 4 years old. When she started school her specialist at the time Dr. Shenaq, God rest his soul, released here from formal therapy and told us to "let her play". SO, that is what we did. She learned to do the monkey bars and backbends over the years. She swims and dances and runs track. All in all she has done well. About 6 months ago she was regularly complaining of pain. This is a nerve injury. I made the phone call and we got an appt. That was is Oct. Wonderful experience. She was given some specific stretches to do in order to loosen the muscles around a particularly tight area of her arm that the doc seemed to think was pinching some nerves. The appt yesterday was to check on her progress, pain levels and make a decision about some more invasive help if needed.
SHE IS DOING GREAT. We saw some improvement and the doc wants her to keep working ont he stretching. We go back in one year, unless, the pain levels go up again or we see a change that concerns us.

If you have made it this far....if anyone is even reading this at all, here are some pics of the hospital and a view of down town KC. We had a fun day after the doc/hospital visit. Nana came with us and we went to a couple of big ol' thrift stores and had a great lunch. LOVELY DAY.

That is my beautiful amazing mom. Affectionately known the world over, by kids and grown ups alike, as "NANA". I love her with every bit of my self. She has been on this journey with Nessa from the very beginning just as much as her dad and sister and I. THANK YOU is not even close to what I want to say her but, I will say it anyway........THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

PHEWWWW....this was a long one. Felt good to get it all out. This subject is important to me an deserved more that a quick blurb and one photo. . Don't forget to scroll back up and go the link i gave you for more info on BRACHIAL PLEXUS INJURIES.

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Kelly said...

This story almost made me cry. I really don't know why, I just love you all very much.