Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Sunday night at the Presby

beautiful church
beautiful building

our sunday nights are spent with some wonderful people here in clay center. most sunday nights its youth group and crafting and food and music. but once a month they have a service called 24 feet. tonight was that night. i had a good time photographing  the people and the place.


Christy Beb said...

i love seeing the building from these points of view...i've missed some things over the years. remind me sometime to take you to one of my favorite rooms in the church for you to snag some pics.


Anonymous said...

Your photography is absolutely amazing!!! WOW!!

Michael Brownell

Rebecca said...

Stephanie, these are beautiful pictures. It's like a taste of home while I'm sitting here in Ransom. Thanks for sharing.

Don Cole said...


I didn't know you had such a talent with the camera. Thanks for sharing.