Tuesday, January 26, 2010

taxidermy moose head

that is my new favorite nickname that my niece has given me. I called my sister today and litttle missy answered the phone. i told her i was going to use a picture of her i had taken to put on display. she promptly called me "chicken nugget eyes" to which i responded "giraffe face". a few more names were called back and forth then, the Pièce de résistanc was spoken. "TAXIDERMY MOOSE HEAD!" LOL!! I was soon snorting and tearing with laughter. i look forward to our phone calls and name calling banter. she is full of spunk and sweetness and never ceases to surprise me and make me laugh. did i mention she is jaw dropping beautiful as well. i took these pics a few months back on a trip to Kansas City. I think they describe her well.

LOL...taxidermy moose head!!!!


kissnell@yahoo.com said...

I hadn't seen this! How cute! I really didn't think she could top "Chicken Nugget Eyes".

pooknell said...

yes she is really either Mad {at me} or being a nut case! not only that but most likly.